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Safety: A Team Effort

Safety is a key part of our continued success and a large portion of which our reputation has been built on. Our primary focus at Chapman Mechanical is producing a quality product in a firm timeline while still maintaining a safety first approach to ensure an accident free environment.

Our commitment and COR based safety values ensures our staff performs their duties to the highest standards while ensuring minimal risk to employees, sub- contractors and public property. Our collective efforts in maintaining and executing our health and safety program based on our COR standards ensures everyone goes home safe at the end of every day.

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We ensure that everyone on our team has the proper education, required knowledge, demonstrable skills and the necessary tools & equipment to carry out our work in a way that, not only complies with, but exceeds the highest safety and environmental standards.  Chapman Mechanical employs rigorous personal and environmental hazard assessments to ensure that we are aware of and use strict care to mitigate and minimize the negative impact of our activities in all situations.

Prior to any employment activity, every member of the Chapman Mechanical team is certified with the required safety training.  Each employee is also required to enroll in and complete additional courses including, but not limited to first aid, WHIMS, Construction Safety Training Systems, Fall Protection, and Elevated Work Platform Training. 

At Chapman Mechanical, we continually promote stringent environmental management through the implementation of clear and concise environmental objectives and targets as well as monitoring progress in this area towards increased sustainability.

Safety From The Top Down

The entire team at Chapman Mechanical embraces the highest standard excellence when it comes to safety.  Right from the top down, we catalyze the commitment and execution of complete safety on all of our active sites.  Through the actions of our president to the newest of team members, everyone at Chapman Mechanical is motivated to perform to these standards.


Chapman Mechanical is very proud of our performance as an industry leader when it comes to safety and this is demonstrated by the fact that our WCB total injury and illness rates are significantly below the industry average.  In addition to this, Chapman Mechanical has accredited certification in the Large COR program under the British Columbia Construction Safety Alliance. Our COR # is 3035521120141107HL.

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Risk Mitigation

At Chapman Mechanical, we utilize Hazard Analysis in both our quality and safety systems which empowers us to not only identify hazards, but to also quantify them based on severity and frequency.  Through the use and organization of this information, we are able implements engineering and administrative controls to successfully mitigate these risks.


At Chapman Mechanical, we are accelerating in safety by design.  Through rigorous training and expansive collective experience, our team is constantly engaged in designing out the health and safety risks at the design and engineering stage of everyone of our projects.  This process has been extremely effective for mitigating and eliminating risk at the earliest stages of a project to ensure a safe, smooth and successful operation.


We have assembled our own in house Joint Health & Safety Committee to monitor and promote continuous and consistent improvement from a managerial perspective.  To encourage and ensure the internalization of our strict safety policies, we place Safety Coordinators on all sites to monitor and implement the required safety standards.  The sum total of all these efforts and elements has created an industry-leading, comprehensive safety program at Chapman Mechanical.

Safety Is Our Priority. Quality Is Our Standard

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Accredited certification in the large COR program under the British Columbia Construction Safety Alliance
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